Probably the highest impact digitization project legal can do

The Document Drafter will allow you to provide real value to the business without changing your internal processes around how templates are created or maintained. It’s a project that legal can own end-to-end without relying on IT or other business support functions. This makes the Document Drafter a quick win. And at the same time, it’s probably the highest impact digitization project legal can do.

Replace your templates and playbooks with guided and automated document creation

  • Better and more compliant documents

  • You will be able to guide business users through the commercial and legal decisions needed to create a document. This means that you can remain confident that documents have high quality and are created within company standards.

  • Provide a better service

  • You will be able to provide a great user experience for the business. Everyone is getting accustomed to digital ways of working and the business expects to be able to self-serve for daily business.

  • Save money

  • Address legal needs more cost effectively than just adding in-house lawyers or outsourcing work to law firms.

Questionnaire sections
“We have empowered the business to do much more without involving legal. And it was surprisingly easy to do

Jesper Pape Larsen
VP, Head of Legal & Compliance, DANSKE COMMODITIES


A quick win that fits into current ways of working

Creating a document is a narrow and well-defined process. At the same time, it is a real pain point with significant commercial and compliance risk. In terms of digitization, this makes document automation a high-impact and low-risk project. It fits into the current way of working, and it relieves a major pain point. And with the Document Drafter, the automation of documents is something legal can own end-to-end without support from IT or other business support functions.


Document automation used to be hard to implement. We fixed that!

Most corporate legal departments recognize the obvious value of automating documents. The problem is getting it done at scale and in a way that actually works. This is where the Document Drafter stands out. We have developed a new method for automation that has helped our customers succeed with document automation – all of them and without exception.

“Glowing feedback from my employees involved in implementation. End result was far beyond expectation.

Gitte Lykke Knudsen
Vice President, Head of Legal, GENMAB


We have the best legal engineer team in town

Don't know how to get started or worried about whether you have the right ressources to succeed? We are here to help! We have a spectacular team of former lawyers that spend all their time helping our customers succeed with document automation. No matter how you are organized or what your use case is - we have seen others take the same journey many times before. Our services range from helping you plan your roll out and training your team to providing a fully managed process with guaranteed outcome where we help you structure your content, build the right questionnaires, and automate your documents.


Leverage Microsoft Teams for a more collaborative and connected experience

The full Document Drafter platform is available inside Microsoft Teams. This means you can easily collaborate with colleagues on creating documents, save documents directly to Teams files management and connect to the endless third-party add-ons to design workflows, connect to your e-signing provider and much more.

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"Top pick" in Catherine Bamford's DocAuto Database

The DocAutoDatabase is probably the most comprehensive market research ever published on document automation. The database was created by Catherine Bamford who is widely recognized as one of the World's leading experts on document automation. The Document Drafter is shortlisted as one of 8 "top picks" for complex document automation.


A modern data platform that will help you solve any use case

Standard reports are great, and we have you covered for all common use cases. But we have also made it easy for you to raise your ambitions for what you can do with data. We have a structured data module that will allow you to solve any use case from building dash boards to extracting business intelligence or automatically updating records or data in other platforms or processes. If it can be done with data - you can do it with Document Drafter.

New PowerBi law firm

Connected and future-proof

Ready for anything you may wish to do in the future

We are not another "do it all" platform that might not meet your needs as you mature on your digital journey. We are a best-in-class specialized tool for automating documents that you can use on its own, connect into any process or integrate into any application. Whatever your future journey for digitizing documents bring, the Document Drafter will remain your best choice for automating your documents.

Let us give you a guided tour

Have one of our implementation specialists show you the platform and answer your questions about how corporate legal departments can leverage document automation. No matter what your use case is - we have seen others take the same journey many times before.