Better documents, faster and with much less frustration

We have made document automation transparent, connected and something you can easily manage as part of your normal template work. For any document, regardless of the complexity. And for any scenario.

The end-user perspective

A more human friendly way of working with documents

  • Tailored documents are just a few clicks away

  • A questionnaire will guide you through all the legal and commercial choices you need to make - and automation will get you a tailored set of documents

  • More flexible documents

  • Automated documents can cover much more than traditional templates. This means that you will get documents that are actually fit for your purpose

  • Less frustration

  • No more searching for the right template or frustrating manual work resolving square brackets or color coded sections only to find that exensive free hand drafting is still required


We automated 1,500 documents across 16 practice areas in 12 months.

Christina Jønby, Head of Legal Tech & Knowledge Management @ DLA Piper Denmark

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Document automation used to be hard to implement. We fixed that!

Most contract professionals recognize the obvious value of automating documents. The problem is getting it done at scale and in a way that actually works. This is where Document Drafter stands out. We have developed a new method for automation that has helped our customers succeed with document automation – all of them and without exception.


“This is the only Legal Tech I’ve piloted globally with universally positive feedback and overwhelming demand for implementation by all users

Alex Herrity
Director - Legal Counsel, Legal Solutions

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