Document automation used to be hard to implement. We fixed that!

Most law firms want to automate their documents. At the same time many are finding it hard to do. The Document Drafter is a solution to that problem. We have developed a new method for automation that significantly reduces the time and specialized skills needed to automate even the most complex document suits. The Document Drafter is Word based document automation you can actually implement.

What it's all about

Helping lawyers create better documents, faster and with less frustration

  • Take knowledge sharing to a new level

  • A questionnaire will guide you through all the legal and commercial choices you need to make - and automation will get you a tailored suite of documents

  • More flexible documents

  • Automated documents can cover much more than traditional templates. This means that you will get documents that are actually fit for your purpose

  • Faster and with less frustration

  • Get high-quality documents circulated with less lead time and without having to copy/paste from your old execution documents

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We automated 1,500 documents across 16 practice areas in 12 months.

Christina Jønby, Head of Legal Tech & Knowledge Management @ DLA Piper Denmark

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Document automation used to be hard to implement. We fixed that!

Most law firms recognize the obvious value of automating documents. The problem is getting it done at scale and in a way that actually works. This is where the Document Drafter stands out. We have developed a new method for automation that has helped our many top law firm customers succeed with document automation – all of them and without exception.


“Once we got started, every part of the organization wanted more. Remarkable success.

Steen Rode
Chief executive partner

Do more with data

A modern data platform that will help you solve any use case

Standard reports are great, and we have you covered for all common use cases. But we have also made it easy for you to raise your ambitions for what you can do with data. We have a structured data module that will allow you to solve any use case from building dash boards to extracting business intelligence or automatically updating records or data in other platforms or processes. If it can be done with data - you can do it with Document Drafter.

New PowerBi law firm

New ways of being relevant

Client facing document automation

Automating your own documents is a stepping stone to providing new services to clients. We have an extensive set of features to suport you with that.

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"Top pick" in Catherine Bamford's DocAuto Database

The DocAutoDatabase is probably the most comprehensive market research ever published on document automation. The database was created by Catherine Bamford who is widely recognized as one of the World's leading experts on document automation. The Document Drafter is shortlisted as one of 8 "top picks" for complex document automation.

Do you also have this feature? Yes, we do...

Documents are automated in Word and all Word's functionality is fully available and works seamlessly with the Document Drafter

Create suites of documents from a single questionnaire

Watch the documents come together in preview with document changes highlighted in mark-up

Extensive functionality around looping / repeating sections and looping / repeating entire documents, automatic punctuation etc.

Global language support for dates, numbers, and currencies in all formats

Collaborate with colleagues on filling out questionnaires with full versioning

Easily connect questionnaires to any public or private data source or use our standard integrations to registers such as Companies House

Do advanced calculations with all standard math operators

Use any type of input field or selector in the questionnaire and insert questionnaire input into documents in the format you need

Created dynamic lists in multiple layers with data from repeating sections, look-up tables or external data sources

Multiple options for creating just the right type of guidance notes for your use case

Save documents directly to any file management system such as iManage, SharePoint or HighQ

Go beyond single-sign-on and set up fully automated user management for any scenario, including for your external users


We don't leave you hanging after first draft is done

  • Reviewing first drafts from juniors have never been easier

  • Start your review process by checking if the questionnaire was filled out correctly - directly from within Word. Then have the Document Drafter highlight the manuel changes in mark-up. No more reading the entire document - just check the questionnaire and the manual changes!

  • Update documents directly in Word

  • Update the questionnaire directly in Word and have the changes applied to the document in mark-up.

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